Video Games Level 1
LA Noire Facial Recognition
Played by: Kristina Blanco

The new technology of the facial recognition has first been implemented in the new video game LA Noire. It is a mystery style, detective game that was released on Play Station 3 and XBox. The game uses facial recognition technology to capture the facial features of actors to then be used in the game. It takes 32 cameras to recognize all the features that the game needs. The creators of the game wanted to have their virtual characters mimic human emotion and facial expressions. The premise of the game revolves around human emotion and to see it in the virtual character is vital. This is the first time that any video game has used this technology and other systems will most likely try to use it for upcoming games as well. I would think that this would be important to games like Call of Duty, especially to the new Modern Warfare 3, to be out this fall. This is relevant to class because of the impact that this has on future video games. This will make games more life-like, more like being inside of a movie, or even inside the game itself. This is something that can change the video game world for many games to come.

Modern Warfare 3- Multiplayer Task
Played by: Francine Im

MW3: Perks & Killstreaks Article

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games within the video game industry and has caused a lot of gamers to be extremely excited about the new release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The release date is November 8, 2011 and already there are people who have been pre-ordering the game just to be sure that they are guaranteed a copy! The game has the multiplayer task which allows gamers from all over the world to connect with one another on one network and either play with or against each other. Not only does MW3 have the multiplayer task but new information has been confirmed that pro perks are back and killstreaks are now in "Strike Packages: Assault, Support and Specialist." Our technological system has become so advanced that while the gamers are using the multiplayer task they can use a headset to talk to their partner/opponent which has made the players feel as if they are really playing with someone that is right next to them. In the future, the multiplayer task will have an impact on many other games rather than just Call of Duty.

MMO's: Free to Play and Free Content for Playing

Played By: Jorge Hernandez

There is a new trend towards free content and free to play memberships in the world of MMORPG’s. This trend suggests that there is a change in business practices for these types of games. MMO’s are traditionally the domain of PC gamers. The most popular MMO’s are still currently on PC, and console games are trying to capture this market as well. If these types of business practices are effective in the PC world, console games could follow closely behind. MMO’s have online markets where players can purchase additional content or items for their characters in-game. This is where it appears that companies are now expecting to make most of their money. The influence of piracy in PC games may also be a contributing factor for these types of strategies.

Wii U
Played by: Amanda Setter

This is the new Wii that will be previewing in 2011. With this new console players can literally take their game on the go. The Wii U will let players start a game on the TV and then move with it. The technology is in the touch screen controller. Its almost a mix of classic controller with the ability of the console to sense your presence. This seems to be almost a mix of an IPad, Game Boy, and classic controller. The upside to this new technology is the mobility and simplicity. Yet, the downsides might be more significent. The Wii has always been a family-type game, more geared toward smaller children, hence the simplicity. With the new console video game veterans probably wont want to use this for their more intense games. Therefore, the hints of a possible new PS4 and a new Xbox might prevail to the more hard hitting gamers. What will get the older generations to buy this console would be the touch screen and mobility, because it seems like more than a gaming console. It has the capability to video call someone and take pictures, but most people will probably think that they can just buy an IPad for that.

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