Mobile Media Summit Disrupts Advertising Week
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ArticleBy Daniel Iglesias Castillo

The Mobile Media Summit is returning for the 3rd time to New York City on October 5th stealing a lot of the spot light of Advertisement Week. This year's summit is important because this year Mobile Media hit the 1 Billion mark in advertising revenues. The article says that this year smartphone and tablet sales outshined T.V. making it a good indicator of where the money is going in the upcoming years. As smartphones and tablet users increase so will the ad money devoted to this industry. The summit will feature many CEOs of important mobile media companies and creative minds from across the mobile and advertising industries trying to share their knowledge so that companies can capitalize on this consumer trend. In this changing media landscape, were a lot of the old media is losing ad money, mobile media is definitively in the vanguard and business need to get on the bandwagon if they are to stay competitive.

Google Wallet coming to Android phones, making NFC payment a reality
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Google to launch Google WalletPosted by: Alex Garcia
On Monday Google officially launched Google Wallet, a service that teams up near field communication technology with credit card companies to make spending money even easier than it was before! Google has already signed up with Citi and Mastercard, but upon release it was reported that Visa, American Express and Discover had also joined the team.
While NFC is nothing new (see the little pay pass logo on your visa card), the integration of NFC with smartphones will introduce plenty of applications; essentially our phones are in the process of becoming tangible tools and are no longer little internet devices that communicate with each other and the web. Already implemented by Yale Lock and Hardware is a keyless entry system that utilizes NFC. It's only a matter of time before the marketing, advertising and reward programs invade stores and beg for your newly acquired interaction capabilities, much like foursquare did back when "checking in" came out. What can you see being done to utilize near field communication technology in smartphones once it becomes diffused by all of the operating systems and hardware manufacturers?

Here is a review of the process/application/use, complete with a walk thorough, video and special concerns. Thank TechCrunch for this.

Changing Media Landscape Making it Harder to Reach VotersArticle

A study conducted by SAY Media in partnership with digital political media consulting firm Chong & Koster revealed that regardless of the estimated $3 billion being spent on television advertisements for the 2012 election, online and mobile use are greatly hindering these ads overall effectiveness. Studies show that thirty-six percent of younger voters are less likely to consume live TV than they were a year ago, and more likely to consume online, time-shifted and mobile video content therefore making it increasingly difficult to reach this generation of voters through traditional media. Matt Rosenberg, vice president for solutions of SAY Media, stressed the importance of planning political campaigns to effectively reach voters, saying: “political campaigns must leave as few voters out of their planning as possible by taking advantage of other media channels as a way to reach voters.” Ultimately the challenge for the mobile media industries is to adapt and innovate to keep up with the changing of consumer habits. Also this provides the chance for mobile media industries to capitalize on the high demand for mobile content and provide politicians the venue to advertise their campaigns.
posted by: Julia Gurgel

New iPhone App Offers Rewards For Exercising


People are continually finding excuses to skip the gym, but now… theres an iPhone App, which offers a little motivation for you to hit the gym. “Nexercise is a free iPhone app that tracks activities ranging from running and weightlifting to fencing and polo and rewards users with free and discounted merchandise in the hopes that users will adopt long-term exercise habits.” According to co-founder Benjamin Young, Nexercise is hoping to “create a lifestyle – not a quick fix.” This app allows users to accumulate points based on workout length and other workout “habits” such as working out with friends (research studies show that if you work out with friends you’re more likely to keep exercising). Prizes range from $5 gift cards and coupons to $250 dollar gift cards. Founders say this app is still new and has some kinks that need to be worked out. Would this be incentive enough to get you to hit the gym more often?

Posted by: Megan Vaughn

Help Your Business Thrive by Creating Your Own Mobile Device App!!



Ever wanted to be in control of making your own application to fit your lifestyle needs? As of this week, there is now a company that allows for such customization. Podio is a new company that allows consumers to create their own mobile phone applications in order to help make working on-the-go easier. All you have to do is build your application online and add it to your I-phone (or Android). The application you create from Podio lets workers track the status of any developing project while on-the-go and also allows for expense tracking. Although, the company seems to be geared toward businesses and people in the work force, I’m sure that once it’s popularity rises, people will find plenty of other ways to use the custom applications to benefit their personal life and not just their jobs. Here is a great video that provides an example of how convenient a custom app can be to someone who works in the fashion design industry. Podio

Posted By: David Garcia

Study: Texting Preferred Over Verbal ConversationPosted By: Josh NobleArticle
In today's society mostly everyone, 83% of Americans to be exact, have a cell phone. With these phones texting, not to the surprise of teens, has become the preferred way of communication. We are noticing an increase in text usage and a decrease in verbal conversations. This cant be partocuarly good since communication skills is a very important trait to have. Texting however is the popular choice probably due to the fact it is convenient and keeps conversations short and direct. A bright spot behind this though is that less radiation through the phones can be omitted since they are not making calls and placing it against their heads.