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Amount of Muve Music subscribers double to 200,000


Cellular company Cricket is offering an unlimited music plan dubbed Muve Music. This application has boosted in subscriptions that total 200,000 within two months, placing Muve in the second seat for subscription music category. This puts Muve just behind Rhapsody who hold first with 800,000 subscribers.

These numbers have increased rapidly since January. One service that Cricket offers with Muve is the capability to add songs without incremental charges. Muve services are added to the monthly cellphone bill and there are no surmounting charges with new songs added. Songs cannon be transferred from the Muve Music plan off of the cellphone but from this service, users average over 400 song downloads per month and listen to music up to three hours a day.

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Record Biz Braces for Legal Battles Over Copyright Law
Rolling Stone article

In the ongoing battle for control between label and artists, artists may just have gained the one up. Thanks to changes made to the U.S. Copyright law in the 70s, artists such as Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles are going to be able to regain the rights to their work in 2013. How will this affect the industry? If musicians get the rights back to their master tapes, they would be able to license their music for advertising, sell it to another label, or have the option of distributing it via iTunes. This law poses numerous problems to music labels who are known to rely heavily on back catalog sales as well as to the artists, who may not want to jeopardize their relationship with their respective labels. This article hints that this soon to be legal scuffle will be nothing less than pivotal to the music industry’s future.

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Dancing King

Despite his past negative publicity, including physical abuse of his ex-girlfriend R&B singer Rihanna, Chris Brown has once again proved that he deserves every bit of the lime light. In the past, his dancing styles have been compared to music legends like Michael Jackson and Usher, and this year at the MTV Video Music Awards, he showed audiences that he is still on top of his game. Dressed in a white formal suit, Brown slow-shuffled down to the stage, and once he landed in the middle of the dance floor, he gyrated and sang to his hit "Yeah 3X." Kanye West, who made it public that he was disappointed and appalled by Brown's abusive actions in the past, was on his feet applauding the performer's pristine act. Brown's music selection took an unexpected turn when he began to "bust a move" to Wu-Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck" and Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," then jumping ahead twenty years leading into one of his most recent tracks "Beautiful People." His eclectic performance ended with backflips and karate kicks as he flew over the crowd while suspended by invisible wires. Even though Brown did not win either VMA that he was nominated for, he undoubtably won back many of the hearts he lost in the past.

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Digital drives music sales up 4.8%

Variety.com article (click image to get to link)

Surprisingly even with illegal downloading, overall music sales have increased by 4.8%. Due to closing down Limewire, album sales have sky rocketed. Music artist today have been releasing amazing albums that makes the consumers want to purchase and support them. Vinyl records are even becoming a trend within our generation. Trendy stores like Urban Outfitters have been selling record players and LPs. If artist today keep producing great music, consumers will continue to buy albums.

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Childish Gambino Signs With Independent Label

Billoard Article

Hip-hop artist Childish Gambino is no longer a free agent in the music industry after signing with independent label Glassnote Records, the home of artists such as Phoenix, and Mumford and Sons. The artist is better known as Donald Glover, a star of NBC’s “The Community”, member of Derrick Comedy, and writer for 30 Rock. The news comes as a shock to fans because Glover has repeatedly mentioned on tracks that he does not need the money from rapping because of his work in Hollywood, and he has always released his music via his website for free. It appears his new album ‘Camp’, set to drop in November, has proved more expensive to produce than expected. This is an item of interest because even artists with a passionate and growing fan base online and disposable income may need a record label to continually produce quality albums and help coordinate tours. Preview Gambino's 'Freaks and Geeks' below, keep in mind the lyrics are explicit and NSFW.

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Stereofame, Redefining the Recording Industry

Start Up Label Making Big Waves
Stereofame Webpage

Left: How to do the "WOP" Courtesy of Stereofame

Right: "WOP" J. Dash Ft. Flo Rida- Courtesy of Stereofame

The past decade has proven itself to be a great challenge for the recording Industry. The use of online radio, downloads and piracy has drastically changed the way we receive our music. Stereofame, an independent record label, is beginning to use these outlets such as Facebook, Youtube and Mobile Applications to recreate the music experience. The idea is to break new artists into the music scene before receiving airtime. It is bringing the old school model of building a following before presenting them to the masses by using modern methods. A prime example of their tactics is through J. Dash’s song “WOP”. The song was a viral hit as a new dance craze on Youtube. The song sold over 100,000 copies of digital tracks on iTunes before making it to the radio. Currently, the company is in the process of creating new musical experiences through games and applications where one could virtually make a record label based on the success of artists and records in the real world calling it, Songs and Friends (Similar to that of fantasy football). The moto "Play the Music. Play the Game." represents this new innovative marketing strategy that uses “old school” techniques while creating a virtual and interactive experience for customers in an age where buying an album has drifted from the record store to the digital download.

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