Sony develops music application for tablet
Sony has introduced a new application called ‘Music Unlimited’ that is available for Android based tablets. This music service will be available in capped and unlimited versions for users and will be able to stream from other Android devices. So far, the music application hasn’t received many positive reviews, with users noting that it does not start properly. This could prove different in the future, as Sony will develop tablets to accommodate this application.

Posted by: Melissa Huapaya

Google on the Verge of Opening Music Store

PC World Article
Looks like Apple has a new competitor coming into the digital music business to join Amazon, and the multitude of subscription services. Google plans on opening a cloud based music store with a “Google Twist”. Analysts say the service will be a main competitor with Apple once it gets more record labels to commit. The head to head competition between Google and Apple makes things interesting, and it looks like this time Apple’s iCloud will have the advantage over Google’s store. The addition of iTunes Match allows users to pay to have any and all of their music added to their cloud, even if it not available in the iTunes music store. Google will need to have quite the “ace in the hole” in order to compete right out of the gate though, but many analysts believe the massive amount of Android powered devices in use will help to create an instant market for the Google music store.

- Trevor O'Brien

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YouTube expands as music destination, adding merchandise stores and deals with indie labels

The Washington Post article

YouTube is creating a very desirable atmosphere for independent labels and musicians. One indication of this shift was the introduction of Merch Store, which allows a user to purchase merchandise directly on an artist's channel. They have also made a deal with global rights agency Merlin, which represents about 14,000 indie labels. YouTube as well as the music industry is profiting quite well from this model. We know that the music industry needs to change is old business model. Incorporating the power of the Internet just might have revived the industry.

Posted by: Christal Bundang

New AOL Radio is an Intimidating Competitor for Pandora and iHeartRadio

Billboard Article
As soon as it seems as though AOL has started to subside, a new feature is introduced to create shock and awe amongst society. The new AOL Radio, powered by Slacker Radio, was re-launched Wednesday with a new exterior and Slacker's catalog and programming inside. With AOL's reach and the high quality of Slacker's radio service, AOL Radio has become an intimidating competitor for Pandora and iHeartRadio.
With a new look and feel, and because it's AOL, the page has links to AOL's music news feed and other editorial content. AOL is giving its users 50 percent fewer audio advertisements and improved listener features. Next month, AOL will also have the ad-free and premium, on-demand options that Slacker also offers. Existing Slacker users can now log in and enjoy ad-free Slacker listening at AOLRadio.com. 
It has the right product, now it's up to AOL to execute. Fewer ads? With that attribute alone AOL Radio will have no problem building a fan base.

Posted by: Brianna Dotson