Viral Videos, created for Fall 2011 Class Project

Winning Video

Nyan Cat Costume

This video took advantage of the popular Nyan Cat meme, as well as the fact that people often look up unusual "costume" videos near Halloween.

Another Video that Did Rather Well

Teenage Girl Sings Medley

A Kristin Chenoweth Lyrics Video

The student who posted this one is not a fan of Kristin Chenoweth, and simply wanted to exploit the popularity of an artist who had a new album coming out during the Fall 2011 semester.

Philip Rivers Fumbles

Tiny Rock Band Dancer

(note: this video didn't get much traffic, but I quite enjoy it)

Mika the Mutt

(I like the addition of background music on this one)

San Diego BlackOut Dance

Nikka Minaj Falls on Awards Show

(note: the student said she had posted this video without the word "fall" in the title, then added that word later. This slight change boosted the view count, even though the performer doesn't really fall too badly at all.)

Video Game Demo / Dancing

This group said they posted multiple videos, and even tried to promote them. This one, though, generated the most amount of traffic on its own...probably from folks looking to check out this particular video game.