JMS 492 Fall 2011
Wiki Updates:
Friday (noon), Sept 9: Wiki Update #1
Friday (noon), Sept 23: Wiki Update #2
Friday (noon), Oct 7: Wiki Update #3
Friday (noon), Oct 21: Wiki Update #4
Friday (noon), Nov 4 : Wiki Update #5

Wiki/Reading Analysis assignments:
Friday (noon), Sept 16: Wiki Analysis #1
Friday (noon), Sept 30: Wiki Analysis #2
Friday (noon), Oct 14: Wiki Analysis #3
Friday (noon), Oct 28 : Wiki Analysis #4
Friday (noon), Nov 18 : Wiki Analysis #5

Videos Related to Class on 9/12/11

Galaxy Pegasus vs the Army Men
I don't expect this video to get a significant number of views this semester, but who knows? If this is a popular toy right now (BeyBlade), the video might take off.

Marshall McLuhan
Here's a video of McLuhan explaining his theories. For some reason, the audio only works if you change the setting. Go to the number 360p at the bottom of the YouTube control bar and change to the option for 240p. (I have never seen this situation before.)

McLuhan Cameo in "Annie Hall"
I believe Prof. Eadie used this in JMS 408, but I think it's quite funny so I am posting it as well. The joke here is that McLuhan's work can be so confusing that nobody really knows what he meant.

Videos (Shown in Class on 9/7/11)

Going to the Store

Going to the Store Spoof