att_tmobile.jpgU.S. Files Suit to Block AT&T, T-mobile MergerArticle

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that AT&T and T-mobile are attempting to merge. Things have started to slow down and we are beginning to see some set backs in regards to moving forward with this plan. The U.S. government has filed papers to block the $39 billion merge between the two cellular companies. According to this article, the Justice Department argues that this merge will substantially lessen competition in the wireless market. AT&T continues to fight for the merge stating that it would bring about 5,000 jobs to Americans. Though, jobs are always needed in this economy, there are still some legal issues to be sorted out. AT&T has voiced their disappointment in the suit and argues that ultimately the merge will be beneficial in “solving our nations spectrum exhaust situation and improving wireless service for millions; allowing AT&T to expand 4G LTE mobile broadband to another 55 million Americans, or 97% of the population; and will result in billions of additional investment and tens of thousands of jobs, at a time when our nation needs them most.”

Posted by: Megan Vaughn

HP-TouchPad.jpgArticleHP TouchPad screen can now support Android

HP TouchPad screen can now support Android. The TouchDroid technicians have been hard at work making it possible to run Android with full use of the touch screen on the HP TouchPad. The TouchDroid team unveiled a video of the recent addition, showing a TouchDroid developer being a able to smoothly tap and move his finger around a Android enabled Touchpad with no delays or skips. This new technological feat will ultimately affect the mobile industry by increasing Google's standing in the mobile world and threatening their competitors, i.e. Apple. The Android market is growing fast, already overtaking the Apple Store in terms of new applications being developed. With the announcement of HP TouchPad’s low prices and current addition of the Android, Apple's extreme domination of the mobile market might be having a run for its money.

Posted by: Julia Gurgel

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Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. for $12.5 Billion CashArticle
On the 15th of August, Google announced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion, in cash. (Google has $39 billion in cash on hand, this being the biggest acquisition to date) Another company absorbed by Google, so what's the big deal? Motorola Mobility, the divison of Motorola responsible for flagship Android smartphones like the Droid one, two and three, Droid X, Droid X2 and the highly anticipated Droid Bionic, will now be able to work in concert with Google and the Android operating system as an OEM- much like Apple builds its own hardware and software. What does this mean for other Android handset manufacturers? Won't this hurt them? Nope. This helps all Android hardware manufacturers tremendously in the ongoing patent wars among Android handsets, iOS handsets (iPhone) and Windows handsets. In addition to the new patent leverage, Google and Motorola as a team are expected to solidify the Android experience by raising the bar in terms of hardware and software compatability. This is expected to benefit Android partners like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Acer, Lenovo and LG by simply raising the standard expected of Android handsets and tablets. Most, if not all of these partners have voiced support of the acquisition. Google may also benefit from Motorola's Top Box business, as it could potentially help out Google TV, which hasn't gained much steam since its introduction in May of 2010. Google has also made it clear that Android will remain open... It's probably safe to say we can expect big things from Motorola, as well as other Android partners by Q3 or Q4 of 2012. In other news, Apple is dropping the iPhone 5 with an October 7th launch date.Posted by: Alex Garcia

AdSpend On Mobile Games To Grow Tenfold By 2015Article
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With the continued growth of smart phones they will soon be the majority of what cell phone users are using. With smart phones come the ability to do many different things such as explore apps and games. There are many popular games on these phones that have huge fan bases and followings. So it would seem proper to increase the adds on these games to bring more awareness to other venues. This article talks about just that as it predicts the ad spend will reach $894 million in 2015 which is 10 times the previous mark in 2010 of $84 million. The continued growth of smart phones will only increase the amount of apps and games that are being purchased making it a smart move to increase the ad spending.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites"The Year of the Mobile Website" Article

Mobile App

Mobile Website

With the increasing number of people upgrading to smart phones, mobile media has become a huge focus point amongst consumers and marketers. In 2010, it was noted that only 58 of the top 500 retailers had a mobile website or application. With nearly half of U.S. mobile subscribers switching to smart phones, the dilemma for most brands has been whether to create a mobile website or a mobile application. This article illustrates a few reasons why creating a mobile website may be more beneficial than creating an application for your brand. For instance, mobile websites will help create savings because developers don’t have to build a separate application for different phone platforms (Iphone vs Android). Also, mobile websites do not require downloads from outside resources, making things work faster and more efficiently. Lastly, a mobile website can also promote their application incase the consumer prefers to use an app. As we see an increase in mobile web activity, we can also expect to see an increase in how many brands start launching mobile websites.

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How US Adults are Embracing GeoSocial Mobile Media

When the power outage occurred the only way I could stay updated on the situation was through my Blackberry Smartphone. Through my twitter and facebook apps I realized that the outage was spreading across the county, so I wonder how many people were doing the same thing with no power. In a state of emergency, mobile media has proved to be quite helpful to stay connected with others. This article is interesting because it shows how the use of mobile media is increasing, especially the usage of geo-social services like Foursquare and Gowalla. The main focus of the article is showing how the usage of Foursquare to get directions, check in or get recommendations is increasing. Personally I don't think I will be using this service because I don't want people to know where I am all the time, this could also facilitate a kidnapper's job.

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